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Ravnaq-Bank represents «octo» payment service for electronic commerce. Learn how convenient online sales can be.

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About us

OCTO LLC is the leader on CIS market for innovative and revenue growing solutions for telecom industry.

We are experts in mass mobile communication products for B2B, government, banking, security and mobile marketing.

«octo» – is a payment service accepting online payments made on a website or in a mobile app in real time using the cards of international payment systems (commission 3.5%):

And also through (commission 0.8%):

«octo» payment service will help to accept payments for your goods and services.


Provide customers from all over the world with the best payment method for your products and services

Check how easy «octo» payment service can be integrated with your website or mobile application, let your customers enjoy the simple payment method.

How does it work?

«octo» payment service – it is fast and convenient trade

«octo» creates the most extensive and flexible tools for Internet trading. Whether you create an online store, a delivery service, an e-commerce platform, run a hotel business or you sell products in Instagram and Facebook, the user-friendly interface and the supreme functionality of «octo» will help you to create the best service for your users. Start your international business with octo without leaving the country.

Why «octo»?

Convenient interface

You get the flow control possibility through your Personal Cabinet from your mobile phone.

Variety of payment methods

You can accept payments from the most popular international payment systems with a single click.
«octo» constantly expands the list of partners and opportunities for your business.

Easy integration

Don’t worry about the integration with your website or mobile application. A number of available APIs will simplify this process.

Safe and fully protected!

We take your safety seriously. Payment methods and system security meet the PCI DSS requirements.

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Easy integration

Don’t worry about the integration with your website or mobile application. A number of available APIs will simplify this process.



«octo» – is a secure and easy-to-use 24/7 payment service, which allows trade and service companies, hotels, air and rail carriers, and tradesmen to receive real-time payment for their goods and services. Payment service supports all major international payment systems: VISA, MasterCard

It is easy to join «octo»: click "Apply for the service" button, fill in the fields and add scanned copies of your documents, or visit Ravnaq-Bank. After reviewing your application, we will contact you to complete the registration procedure.

«octo» payment service is the exclusive service of Ravnaq-Bank, and to use octo you should hold a current bank account in Ravnaq-Bank.

In Personal Cabinet, you can check transactions made by your customers through «octo» payment service. Our specialists will explain how to use it so you can see all payments in real time.

Technical support

If you have any questions or suggestions on using «octo» payment service, please email us


Создайте интернет-магазин за 60 минут

С помощью Octo-магазины на платформе Ecwid вы можете создать собственный интернет-магазин, с любым видом приёма платежей.